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            Court Forms

                        Minnesota Judicial Branch


                        Roseau County Court Calendar
                        Ninth Judicial District
                        Minnesota Court of Appeals
                        Minnesota Supreme Court
                        United States District Court
                        United States Courts of Appeals
                        United States Supreme Court

            Law Enforcement

                        Greenbush Police Department
                        Roseau Police Department
                        Warroad Police Department
                        Roseau County Sheriff’s Department
                        Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
                        Minnesota Department of Corrections
                                    Level 3 Predatory Offender Locator
                                    Offender Locator
                        Minnesota State Patrol

            Legal Authorities

                        Minnesota Attorney General Opinions
                        Minnesota Constitution
                        Minnesota Rules
                             Rules of Criminal Procedure
                             Rules of Expedited Child Support Process
                             Rules of Juvenile Delinquency Procedure
                             Rules of Juvenile Protection Procedure
Minnesota Statutes
                                    Child Protection
                                    Child Support
                                    Civil Commitment
                                    Crime Victims Rights
                                    Criminal Code
                                    Domestic Abuse
                                    Driving While Impaired
                                    Drugs/Controlled Substances
                                    Probate (Guardianships/Conservatorships)
                                    Traffic Regulations

          Legal Research

                  Legal Information Institute
                  Library of Congress
                  Minnesota State Law Library
                  Roseau County Law Library

            Other Resources

                        Child Support

                                    Association for Children for Enforcement of Support
Minnesota DHS Office of Child Support Enforcement
                                    United States Office of Child Support Enforcement


                                    Council on Crime and Justice
                                    “Crime in Minnesota” (Minnesota Legislative Reference Library)
                                    FBI Annual Uniform Crime Reports
                                    Minnesota's Statistical Analysis Center
                                    Minnesota Public Defender’s Office
                                    National Archive of Criminal Justice Data
                                    National Crime Prevention Council
                                    National Criminal Justice Reference Center

                        Family Services

                                    Child Protection

                                                Child Abuse Prevention Network
                                                Child Welfare League of America
                                                CornerHouse Child Abuse Evaluation and Training Center
                                                First Witness Child Abuse Resource Center
                                                Minnesota DHS-Child Protection
                                                National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
                                                National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect

                                    Civil Commitment

                                                Chemical Dependence
Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse
                                                National Center for Substance Abuse Research
                                                National Clearinghouse for Drug and Alcohol Information
                                                National Institute on Drug Abuse
                                                Mental Illness
                                                Mental Health Association of Minnesota
                                                Minnesota Assoc. of Community Mental Health Programs
                                                Minnesota Mental Health Action Group
                                                Minnesota Ombudsman for Mental Health
                                                National Mental Health Information Center-Minnesota

                                    Vulnerable Adults

                                                National Center on Elder Abuse


                             2002 National Crime Victimization Survey
                             Crime Victims Reparation Board
                             Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse
                             Minnesota Center for Crime Victim Services
                             Minnesota DHS-Sexual Violence Prevention Program
                             Minnesota Office of Justice Programs-Crime Victim Services
                             Mothers Against Drunk Driving-Minnesota
                             National Center for Victims of Crime
                             National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
                             National Criminal Justice Reference Service –Victims
                             National Organization for Victim Assistance
                             Parents of Murdered Children-Minnesota Hope Chapter

                             U.S. Department of Justice-Office of Victims of Crime