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Wondering what it is that counties do? Here you will find fact sheets that explain the basics of what county government does, how county government is structured, information on how counties develop budgets and set levies, how property tax is determined and much more. This information provided as a courtesy by the Minnesota Association of Counties (AMC). AMC is a voluntary statewide organization that assists the state’s 87 counties in providing effective county governance to the people of Minnesota.

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» Printable Minnesota County Map
» History of MN County Government
» 14 Reasons Why Property Taxes Vary
» County Attorney
» County Budget Process Overview
» County Fund Balances
» County Government Revenue
» County Government 101
» County Government Structure
» Duties of a County Commissioner
» Ethics In County Government
» So You Want to Be A Commissioner
Open Meeting Law
» Parliamentary Procedure
» Property Tax System
» What Every Kid Should Know About County Government in Minnesota