Discover, list, value and classify all taxable and exempt property within Roseau County for property tax purposes as of January 2nd each year. 

Analyze the market each year and make changes as needed to the assessments so that Estimated Market Values reflect what is happening in our local market (specifically sales within Roseau County) and that property values are fair and equitable.

Inform property owners on an annual basis of the current Valuation and Classification on their property.  This notice also contains information on the various appeal options along with dates for Local Boards of Appeal (April/May) and the County Board of Appeal (June).  Property owners are encouraged to contact the Assessor’s Office first with any concerns about their value or classification so that we are able to correct a problem and/or explain the new assessment.

Administer various property tax programs.

Report to the Minnesota Department of Revenue at various times throughout the year to maintain compliance with Minnesota State Statute.

The Assessor's Office is responsible for determining estimated market value and classification, not real estate taxes. 

     The Assessor’s Office does not

    • Collect taxes 
    • Calculate taxes 
    • Determine tax rates 
    • Establish property tax laws