Family Services

The county attorney initiates CHIPS (Child in Need of Protection or Services) petitions to protect abused or neglected children in Roseau County.  These cases involve children who need the protection of the court due either to a foster care placement (if the children cannot safely remain with the parents) or protective supervision (if the children remain in their parents’ care).  Many cases arise as emergencies in which children are at risk of imminent harm.  Police discover children injured or in danger and take them into protective custody.  Sometimes, after an investigation of a child maltreatment report, child protection workers determine that a child is at risk and must be removed from the parents or placed under court supervision.

State and Federal law require that if a child cannot be returned safely to parents within 12 months (or six months for children under the age of eight), the county must seek permanent safe homes through the termination of parental rights, transfer of legal custody to a relative or placement in long-term foster care.  The county attorney represents Roseau County Social Services in these permanency proceedings.

The county attorney also represents Roseau County Social Services in cases involving truancy, educational neglect and runaways.

To report abuse or neglect of children in Roseau County, call Roseau County Social Services at (218) 463-2411 or the Roseau County Sheriff’s Department at (218) 463-1421.

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