The judge can order defendants to pay restitution (damages) to crime victims.  Your request for restitution must be in writing.  You must list the items for which you are requesting restitution, the dollar amount requested, and the reasons for your request.  A request for restitution may include, but is not limited to, any out-of-pocket losses resulting from the crime, including medical and therapy costs, replacement of wages and services, and funeral expenses. 

Your request must be signed and submitted to the Roseau County Court Administrator’s Office at the courthouse.  To get an Affidavit for Restitution form for an adult defendant, click here. To get an Affidavit for Restitution form for a juvenile defendant, click here.  If you need additional information of assistance completing the form, contact Victim Services. You or others may also be eligible for compensation for some of your economic loss from the Minnesota Crime Victims Reparation Board. 

Economic loss may include medical related expenses, psychological related expenses, loss of income, childcare services, loss of support, and burial expenses. To get a claim form, click here. To go to the home page of the Minnesota Crime Victims Reparation Board, click here