Child Care Assistance Programs

Roseau County Social Services
208 6th Street SW
Roseau, Minnesota 56751


Roseau County Social Services has written their 2016-2017 Roseau County Child Care Plan. This plan is open to the public for comments on the contents of the agreement. If you have any questions please contact Jodee Haugen, Financial Assistance Supervisor, at Roseau County Social Services at 218-463-2411. 

2016-2017 Administration of the Child Care Assistance Program
2016-2017 Administration of the Child Care Assistance Program *Addendum*

Employed parents who are receiving assistance under the Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) and parents whose income is at or below 70 percent of the state median income and who are in need of childcare services in order to secure or retain employment or to obtain the training and education necessary to secure employment. [Minnesota Statutes, section 256E.03, subdivision 2(a)(8)] Individuals must fill out a formal application in order to have eligibility determined.


  • MFIP Childcare
  • Basic Sliding Fee Childcare

MFIP Childcare – MFIP participants who are employed or participating in work activities that are approved by a job counselor in a job search or employment plan can receive assistance in paying for childcare. MFIP families can get transitional childcare for up to one year after they go off MFIP.

Basic Sliding Fee Child Care – Provides a subsidy for childcare costs for income eligible parents to work, look for work or obtain training or education for employment. Based on their income, parents pay a portion of the childcare costs directly to their childcare provider.