Children's Services

Roseau County Social Services
208 6th Street SW
Roseau, Minnesota 56751


Families with children under the age of 18 who are experiencing neglect or abuse, and also pregnant adolescents, adolescent parents under the age of 18 and their children, and other adolescents; persons, including adolescents who are under the guardianship of the commissioner of human services as state wards; emotionally disturbed children and adolescents; and children and adolescents involved in or at risk of involvement with criminal activity. [Minnesota Statutes, section 256E.03, subdivision 2(a)(1)(2)(9)]


  • Child Protection Services
  • Foster Care
  • Children’s Mental Health Services
  • Family Preservation Services
  • Adoption
  • Child Placements
  • Minor Parent Services

Child Protection Services – Screen reports of suspected abuse or neglect, conduct investigations, arrange for placement out of the home when child(ren) are in imminent danger of maltreatment, and conduct case management and permanency planning activities in active cases.

Foster Care – Recruitment, licensing and continuing training of individuals to provide foster care for children who have been abused or neglected by their parents and cannot safely remain at home.

Children’s Mental Health Services – In partnership with the local children’s mental health collaborative and Upper Mississippi Mental Health Center, provide a full-range of mental health services to children with emotional disturbance and their families.

Family Preservation Services – In-home services to prevent out of home placement or to help facilitate the safe return of the child(ren to the parent(s). Provided to families who are at high risk of entering the child protection system and to families who are presently in the system due to substantiated maltreatment.

Adoption Services – Home studies and placement in an adoptive home of children who are guardians of the state (parental rights have been terminated by the Court).

Child Placement – Out of home placement of children for protection from abuse or neglect, for treatment of emotional disorders or chemical dependency or placement due to delinquent acts committed by a juvenile.

Minor Parent Services – Services provided to a minor who has a child to develop a plan to ensure their safety and self-sufficiency.