Sheriff's Mounted Posse of Roseau County

The Sheriff’s Mounted Posse of Roseau County is a non-profit, volunteer, community service organization. The Mounted Posse is a division of the Roseau County Sheriff’s Office and is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. Membership in this equestrian unit is comprised of civilian volunteers and sworn officers, trained to assist in emergency situations and perform special mounted services as direction by the Roseau County Sheriff’s Office. 

The primary objectives of the Mounted Posse are: to maintain peace, order, and law in our community; to be public spirited; to promote good fellowship; to cooperate with and assist peace officers with search and rescue operations with the use of horses, all terrain vehicles, and communications. The Mounted Posse also participates in parades, fairs, shows, and in city and county activities; and supports youth activities in and around Roseau County. 

The Mounted Posse is organized into a mounted horse back unit, an all terrain vehicle unit, snowmobile unit, and a communication unit. 

Regular meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 pm. All members must attend six (6) meetings per year. 

There is an annual dues set at $20 per person. This dues helps fund the cost of required trainings. 

Membership is limited to persons eighteen years of age or over and of good moral character. Interested members must complete an application to the Roseau County Sheriff’s Office. Upon approval by the Sheriff’s or his designee, the applicant must attend a meeting and receive a 70% vote from the Roseau County Mounted Posse. Potential members may attend and observe posses training functions, meetings, and qualification courses but may not participate in functions. 

Each unit has a qualification course that is required to successfully complete prior to participation in events. Posse horses must be certified each year prior to participation in events. Horse must be four (4) years of age or older to become certified. All members will be certified once a year at the expense of the Sheriff’s Office. 

Contact the Roseau County Sheriff’s Office at 218-463-1421 or by email 

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