Public Information Request

The Minnesota Government Data Practices Act (MN STAT 13) ensures that all government data collected, created, received, maintained or disseminated by government agencies in Minnesota is public unless otherwise classified by law. The Minnesota government data practices act establishes the following rights and responsibilities for access to government data:
  1. Records containing government data must be easily accessible for convenient use, and agencies must receive and comply with requests for the data in an appropriate and prompt manner.
  2. Persons have the right to inspect public government data at reasonable times and places at no cost.
  3. Persons have the right to get copies of public government data upon request, although they may be charged for the actual cost of copying the data.
  4. Persons have the right to be informed of the meaning of public data.
  5. If the data sought is classified in a way that prevents one from seeing it, one has the right to be informed of that fact, and told the statute or law that classifies the data.

The board deals most commonly with data classified as "licensing" data pursuant to MN STAT 13.41. As with other areas governed by the Data Practices Act, licensing data is divided into three categories:

  • Public data is accessible to any member of the public in accordance with the provisions of the Data Practices Act.
  • Private data is not public but is accessible to the individual subject of the data.
  • Confidential data is not made public by statute or federal law and is inaccessible to the individual subject of the data.

The Data Practices Act governs the release of information by Roseau County. Furthermore, the Data Practices Act applies to information conveyed verbally as well as that contained on documents, recordings, or computer disc. Therefore, prior to release of any information, employees should consult the Minnesota Data Practices Act for a determination as to the classification of data.

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